How to: Get bounding box of a group of objects which has the same parameter value

Hello there,
I am trying to get the bounding box of group of walls that has the same wall name.
i have managed to list and filter all the walls and group them in a list but now i want to create a bounding box for each group in this list but couldn’t figure it out how.

can anyone help?
thanks in advance

Hi @gumrah.oymakLYTR6 ,
Welcome to the Dynamo community.

You can do something like this to combine the BoundingBoxes using the node from Clockwork package:

Input was:

thanks a lot for the reply.
While working on it i had the same idea but it didn’t work because now i realize i was connecting wrong input.
I should have connected the elements and not the list output to the node.

thanks for the help.

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