How to get all Masking Regions in a model?


How can I get all Masking Regions?

I cannot seem to find how to tell them apart from regular Filled Regions.

Thanks in advance

Masking regions don’t return a Family or Type. You can filter your FilledRegion objects by null or blank values to get just the masking regions.

(First two elements are filled regions, last two are masking regions.)


This should do it.

Thank you @simon_murphy1.
I am getting this error from the Python node.

@Joaquim_Agostinho1 Filter your list of collected Detail Items for only FilledRegion elements and the script should work :slight_smile: right now you are probably trying to pass detail items that are filled region elements & those that are family instances (typ. detail components), and those do not have the property IsMasking

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Thanks @awilliams. That is exactly it.

It works now!