How to get 4 decimal places in CoordinateSystem.Origin

Hi guys,

I am trying to import a block from Dynamo to Civil 3D 2020 on a coordinate and I have major problems (it is my first week with Dynamo for Civil).

First some explaining:

I built a corridor from a baseline. The baseline has an alignment (1) and gradient (1) as its original horizontal and vertical baseline.

“Querschnitt” = Subassembly on this picture
The origin of my subassembly is the feature line P0. P0 is the origin of my subassembly.

For my project I want to import a block on the feature line “P0” at each station. So I constructed this chart where CoordinateSystem.Origin should give me the exact coordinates.

The problem is that it only shows 3 decimal places which are rounded (I can`t show the coordinates because of legal reasons).What I need is a fourth decimal place because otherwise my “Input Coordinate” is wrong by just a little bit (I already tried that).

After that I want to rotate a vector/block ( I still don`t know how) around a line/block (which has only a Z direction on the same coordinate I am using)

I already tried to change decimal places by: Settings / Number Format --> Won´t work

Do you have any ideas?

Thanks guys,


Hi @kundthomas,

Have you changed the geometry scaling settings? If so, leave it set to Medium even though you get the warning about large coordinates.

It seems to just be how the node output preview is formatted, even though the internal value contains all the digits.

Would it be an option to use the BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem node and skip the step of getting the origin point of each coordinate system?

yes, this seems correct

Furthermore the settings in Dynamo (Settings>Number format) or Civil3D (DDUNITS) don’t seem to make any difference- it seems that the number format is hardcoded into nodes such as CoordinateSystem.Origin

Thanks for the answers. After setting geometry scaling settings to medium, I was not getting any result.
Unfortunately the BlockReference.ByCoordinateSystem node did not help either. --> still 3 decimal places.

@kundthomas I confirm what @mzjensen said about the rounding, it is only to present the numbers back to the end user in the preview.
Keep the Geometry Scaling to Medium. If you are not getting anything the problem is elsewhere.
If you need to follow the grading for the rotation, just set false in the vertical input when you are retrieving the CoordinateSystem and then extract the vectors and origin to combine them back to match your needs.

Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

I tried that, but it did not work. I decided that this error is not too big for my project. Thank you for your time :slight_smile: