How to flatten to the left of the sublists

hello, how do i flatten to the left of the sublists? I dont seem to be able to do this, I tried using the flatten.amount node but no amounts work. Why does this level even exist? there is nothing in these levels and they should only be assigned a level 3 for the node on the right but it is L4 why is it doing this?

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The easiest solution would probably to just do a getitematindex of index 0, or just a codeblock with x[0];.

You can accomplish this by changing the level to which you are applying the “List.Flatten” to. In your case, you can set the level to “@L3” as seen in the image below. You can also accomplish this with a “List.Map” and “List.Flatten” node by mapping the flatten function to your outer-most lists.


Thanks Alexandra, but that is not what I meant. You are flattening the stuff to the right of the level, i want to flatten stuff to the left of the last populated level. Levels that have no reason to exist because they are empty

List.Flatten has an amt input which removes outer layers of nesting: