Flatten - Pls explain

Can somebody explain what flatten means and how it is use?


see here

Flatten simply takes a list of lists (with any number of sublists) and “flattens” it into a single, 1-dimensional list.
There is also a Flatten (n) node which flattens your list of lists by combining n dimensions of a list.


why is there a need to flatten?

List flatten is a easy way to make sure you do not have to worry too much about list structures matching into a input node.

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Thank you guys…

Is there a way to restructure a flattened list?
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Hi @erfajo
While I was trying to get a Solution for this Query "
How to change case of headers of a schedule by selecting more than 1 schedule view in revit using dynamo" and have build a graph but its not working .
May you suggest a solution for the same.

Formerly i was using the list flattend node in the below graph due to which all the list got de-structured and hence I asked that question.

That set of nodes is built with a object/list/list input structure. It uses Python so the data has to come in the expected shape. Try sending in the final inputs as L1/L2/L2 for the levels and longest lacing. If you have a list of schedules then a list of lists of headers and names respectively it should work I think.

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Thankyou so much…It worked

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