How to Fit Pipe Fixtures inline with a pipe?

I have looked at posts like Automate placing Pipe Accessory (Valves) and Automated Pipe Valve/Fitting Placement Using MEPover for help in this matter. But I haven’t been able to pinpoint my problem.

The graph is straight forward giving two options to place a family, one with OOB FamilyInstance by Point and the other MEPFitting by PointAndCurve

I have two options for selecting the points one from the solid geometry and the other by Element geometry, both these options work for the FamilyInstance but not for MEPFitting, what am I doing wrong ?

Revit is 2019. Dynamo
TEST PIPES-01.rvt (1.7 MB)

Ok, I know I suffer from dyslexia which makes it hard for me to read, that’s why I like visual programming, so after concentrating hard enough, the solution was always in front of me (as it always is) just needed to have a list of points, rather than a point list.
Therefore if you have a single point list you need to “chop” it up. Or in my case the “Solid.Centroid” already created a list of points.
FIT_PIPE_FIXTURES_01.dyn (33.5 KB)