How to find the intersection of a block and a corridor feature line

Good day!
I’m trying to solve a problem, but I can’t solve it correctly.
The block needs to be given a length so that it extends on both sides to the characteristic line of the corridor.
How can this be solved correctly

Раскладка труб по трассе и коридору.dwg (1.5 MB)
Удлинение труб по трассе и коридору.dyn (108.6 KB)

Hello @durasovartyom,
I’ve modified your script a little to get the 2D distance between the Block insertion point and feature line like this:

  1. Create a Circle By Plane and Radius (careful about radius, must be greater than corridor)
  2. Create a surface by patch from the circle,
  3. Intersect feature line with the surface
  4. Get the 2D distance between the circle center and the intersection point.


Hope this helps


Thank you for your help!
But there is a problem.
In some places when creating from a feature line polucurve, for some reason, empty spaces.

As a result, the intersection is not located at this location.


Try to set Geometry Scaling to medium and try again.

You might get some warnings though.

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Thanks for the advice.
All the same, errors occur in this way.
I solved the problem as follows: I got an object from a block, and took a vector and a planу from it.