How to find Direction which wall is drawn

How di I find out if a wall has been drawn from left to right or right to left .It is important for one of my placement scripts.

Vector Y = 1 (Indicate Left to Right)
Vector Y = -1 (Indicate Right To Left)

Other Thing

Start Point < End Point (Indicate Left to Right)
Start Point > End Point (Indicate Right to Left)

Explanation of above is, when your end point (Point-x) is greater than your start point (Point-x) then you are plotting wall from left to right & it’s reverse when you alter the points.(vice-versa)


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Or you could make your ouput conditional based on a “Project North” reference vector. :wink:


I had a little fun with this one. Idea inspired by the combination of @robert12546358 and @Ewan_Opie post.

I used math round to 6 digits because when grabbing points x and y they can vary slightly at -e50. you can round deeper if you want but Revit does not care about things being slightly off at past the 6th decimal.


By Direction i meant only left to right or right to left. and flip it if it one of the other.

what if its a vertical line?

same thing i have to find the direction in which it is drawn…left to right and right to left.

if the wall is vertical what direction is right to left? does my graph not help?

Yes…but do u have a screenshot of the model itself so i can understand better.

I just drew random walls in a blank file. You can quickly remake my graph and do the same. Sorry I did not save the file as it was just a through away.

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k. No probs