How to filter string list by string

Hi I am trying to filter my list of sheet names down to a list that contains a certain string. I am using the string.contains node but its not working. Here I am searching for “OVERALL” But there should only be 4 of them. This one found 69? Please advise.

Hi, it will work when using a ‘SheetName’ node instead of a ‘GetParameterValue’ node

Does it give you that many true values even if you use the OOTB string contains node instead of that custom node?

You’re totally right, and it works with this custom node too when entering a list in FilterList input :wink:

Im not getting any different results…

Just insert { } around your text to create a list in your code block (this String.Contains custom node expects a list), like this :

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This one works!


That one works too.Thanks!!

There is a YouTube to filter lists by contains