Exporting Type Parameters and values to EXCEL


I have been trying to create a graph that exporting the Type parameters into Excel so far i haven’t been able to successful.

i want to be able to export the

ADBDescription: Computer Monitor etc

ADBCode: COM049

hi there could you upload a picture of wat you have at the moment

This is what i have at the moment and i dont believe its picking up anything

I am trying to achieve this in exel so when the excel spreadsheet is updated i can run a script that would update the information in revit

put Element.ElementType node after all elements of categories that will doe the trick

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excellent that’s worked thanks again one more question how can i now separate the parameter and the value in to separate columns ?

you could just do as you where in the first graph u sended


Thanks David,

can i also specify in a list the only 3 parameters i need rather than everything within the whole project


I only need the parameters from List 0 which node would i need to only show this please thanks for the help so far ?

Just make the same graph you had and put element.elementtype node between all elements of categories and the element.getparametervalue node that will work


It doesn’t matter if item 0 is a list or something else (single value)

Are you able to show me an example please.

For S.Rooble.dyn (13.4 KB)
Check this out and let me know if it works

This is perfect thank you David, this has succesfully exported out the values, anyways i could get the headers to appear to to show it coorisponds with the revit headings such as ADBCode, ADBGuide, ADBDescription

Now you can export it to excel and rename it :muscle:

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Thank for that I have bee trying to do the reverse and fill in the excel with new data and run it through dynamo with a different script and update the revit values but seems to be an error in the last node any ideas. ???


Maybe your putting to much data in the setparameterbyname node try to make more of those nodes

Hey my scripts seem to be working most of the times however i have a small issue my node is still coming up with an error how can i make it so its grey i am only using it for 1 excel column to be updated within the Revit parameters. 4