How to Dynamo 2.3 in Revit 2017

Please help me to use Dynamo 2.3 in Revit 2017

Revit 2017 doesn’t support 2.3. You’ll need to upgrade to 2020 with all updates to get 2.3.

Also, 2017 is no longer supported so best to work on an upgrade strategy just in case.

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But I am waking in 2017…please provide alternative solution…

You can find the officially supported versions of dynamo per Revit release: here

You can see 2.0.3 is the last supported version by 2017.

But! You can update manually Dynamo manually. This is not supported, do it at your own risk. In this video @john_pierson installs 2.5 to 2020, but it should work with 2017 as well:

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