How to divide line at point?

Hi everyone, i use node create Line by points for example create line throught 5 points, and then i want to break that line at these point into 4 segments ?? But i don’t know how to do that

Everyone has idea ???

Thanks !


thanks to Vikram Subbaiah , after 1 month don’t use dynamo forgot everything. I remember we don’t have node Curve.parameteratpoint and Curve.ParameterSplit in Dynamo 8.0.1, are they new nodes in 8.0.2 ??

Thanks for your help !!

I need your help, the node Curve.parameteratpoint and Curve.ParameterSplit just for single item, when i make data input in array type, the nodes don’t understand, so how i make it work with data input in array type ??


when i use code block to test method Curve.ParameterAtpoint() everthing is ok for list of point, but when i make it in python code it’s get error,i don’t know why??

Anyone has idea ??

hlp2 hlp3


It usually means that you’ll need to use the List.Map node when you get the error “Warning: One or more…Couldn’t find…arguments of type (_array,_array)”


thanks again to Vikram Subbaiah , List.Map node is very good when we need to combine 2 array data.