Compare Sublists and remove other sublists contaning similar elements


I just need help in comparing nested sublists.

If more than one sublists contains exactly the same elements, the other sublists will be delete so only one of those lists shall remain.

Will this be hard work for revit if the items are about a hundred to a thousands?

Thanks in advance. ^^


or sort it and get the unique ones

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Bros @sovitek and @AmolShah ,

Thank you for the quick reply. The List.UniqueItems node really is helpful.

Just one thing, when two of the list contains the same elements but in different sequence it does not consider it as similar list.

Is there a work around for this?

Thanks you very much ^^

@vbaac Glad we could help.

Please take a closer look at the suggested solution. This issue was already answered!

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bro @AmolShah ,

Thank you very much for the clarification. I got it now ^^… Sorry that I overlooked the “list.sort” Node.

awesome guys ^^…

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