How to delete ScheduleInstance from sheet?

As we know we have method ViewSheet.DeleteViewPort() method to remove ViewPort from sheet, but i can not find method to remove ScheduleInstance from Sheet, I also try doc.Delete(elementId) method, but it’s not work . So how i can delete it from sheet ???

Still need help !!!


It works just as expected for me through the doc.delete method. Have you by any chance selected an element, or have window open inside the Revit UI? :


Say hi @Dimitar Venkov, yes i use API write a code in UI . Open active view sheet, select other sheet by user, click viewport to move from active sheet to other sheet, everything is ok for viewport, but with scheduleInstance can not ! Can you view me code in node delete ?? i think it use same my method doc.Delete(elementId) right ??

Hello Hien,

The “Delete Elements” node is the one from the package. Just download it and have a peek inside the node:


Hi @Dimitar Venkov , i not yet understand why we must use method Unwrap and wrap element, and what it’s mean, when i check that node, don’t use Unwrap method, i can not delete element inside revit. Maybe if you use Dynamo and control element, we must use that method ??

Can you explain to me about that method ??

Have a look at this discussion. I hope makes things clearer:

tks @Dimitar Venkov very much !!