How to Delete Redundant or Not Enclosed Rooms?

Sometimes in a project you end up with “Redundant” or “Not Enclosed” Rooms, I’d like to find a neat solution to delete these rooms. When looking at how to achieve this, I note the room area returns zero for these rooms. What I’m looking for is a way to sort through the room list and separate the rooms whose area equals zero and then delete these rooms.

The trouble I’m having is I can sort through a list to identify the zero area rooms, but how do I keep the Room element in sync with the room area values to delete all rooms that have a floor equal to zero ?

I have tried various approaches but I haven’t been able to wire them up correctly as yet, see attached attempts.

Delete_Redundant_Rooms.dyn (17.4 KB)
Project_Rooms.rvt (1.3 MB)


Beautiful !! Thanks Andreas, I wasn’t quite sure how to write the Code Block, so I have learnt a little more. Once again the solutions are quite elegant.

The updated graph
Delete_Redundant_Rooms.dyn (6.6 KB)


Words up ,
I’m just trying to find (Room.Area node) related to which package can you tell me please :slight_smile:
Best Regards.

@JeffT Room.Area is standard OOTB node. You need to download and install latest Dynamo version 1.2.


oooh i have 1.1 version, Thanks man

HI, i am trying to use the solved script for removing rooms not places, but it looks that there is something missing.
Could you help?

Try setting this to True :slight_smile:


I used this method in a script meant to clean up rooms. There are a couple packages in use here. i think the big one is clockwork.


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Did anyone ever figure the exact packages needed for these nodes to be effective? I googled all instances of nodes and can’t figure out which packages are in use.