Create surface from 2 pointgroups

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  1. I want to create a surface with 2 point groups see attached picture for a better understanding
    example: surface name 21TOP with point groups 21TOP & 21BOT.

  2. need to know is there any chance to create a 3dpolyline from the point group, need to create a 3Dpolyline to all bottom points (point numbers are in order wise so I am doing it with transparent command but it is a repeated task I want to search any other options for this)


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Thank you for your help,
3dpolyline is now generated to Allpoints, please help me how to get this selected point group points only

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It is not connecting another point group…
please let me know what to do.

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Yes, I got this My Point No.2

Please check the above image for point no.1 for the surface with 2 point groups


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Attach an AutoCAD drawing + a dynamo file
And pay with you tomorrow morning
You want to calculate the discarded pile quantities?
as an idea
You can make a surface from all points
Outer borders have been added
Then Extract the outer bound
Then make a surface of it Calculate the quantities between them