How to create form in Dynamo

I have no idea how to create this form in Dynamo, please help…
This tower is a form which is extruded first.
After the extrusion the top is twisted which rotates the complete form.

This results in a interesting form, but isn’t just a rotated form (which I do know how to make).
Any input is appreciated.
Thankx in advance…

I drew the lines in Revit using model lines, picked them in Dynamo then did this:


Thankx Ben,
Unfortunately, I’ve created this myself aswell, however the form I’m looking for is not smooth.
There is a clear fold from the corner point to the ground plane to the upper surface.
This creates a flat surface gowing up.
In your (and my own attempt) solution the transition gradually.

Ah… I see now. I think the approach then should be to make a collection of surfaces using By Loft for the majority of the form, then for the folded faces make two triangular surfaces (ByPatch) by Including a curve from the bottom corner surface up diagonally to the upper surface. Then make a Solid.ByJoined Surfaces.

I wonder if this couldn’t be done easier.
In e.g. Sketch-Up (where this form is created / invented) this is very easy.
By creating the form according to your method, I don’t think the exact form is duplicated.
Because the form itself is transformed completely in sketch-up, and not in parts (but it could also be that I don’t understand your method :slight_smile:) .
I’m new at Dynamo

Hi @Bart.Jeurissen

You could use custom nodes from sketchup for Dynamo. That would give exact geometry.

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OK, thankx that’s helpfull.
However, it would be nice to have a parametric model, so we can change the ‘rotation’ angle during the process.

Yes! We can control the rotation of the geometry during the process. That’s all depends on the users requirement.

Well if you don’t necessarily need it done in Dynamo, you can do it in Revit


Thankx Viktor.
However I’d like to have the hight and rotation as parametric inputs so we can change thuis during our design process.
Nevertheless this could help to create the building doe now.

Well that’s the point doing it in Revit. You can assign those parameters to the family:

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that looks great.
Could you please send me the family file, I can’t get it done for some reason.


I didn’t save the file.
Anyway, it’s not something complicated. I suggest you find some info about working with adaptive components.

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@Bart.Jeurissen The more you try and fail, the more you learn and sooner. @viktor_kuzev has already shown you how he did it. Follow his Gifs it is quite straight forward.