How to create Dynamo portfolio?

So exciting news: I’m applying for an internship at an architecture firm to work in BIM! I have a few Dynamo files I’d like to share in my portfolio, what would be the best way to do so? Images, demonstration videos? Should I assume they have Revit to open the file itself? Any help appreciated!

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I would try to illustrate exactly what each of your Dynamo graphs actually do through a series of images–however I would recommend against using screenshots of the actual workspace itself (admittedly, I have been guilty of doing this in the past). This screenshot is of a Grasshopper definition, but my point still stands:

I would include a few images, essentially illustrating “before” and “after” along with a slightly more detailed narrative of what is actually being done. If your graph is especially complicated, you may want to create a flow chart explaining the overall logic, but in general try to keep things concise.

Share less of the graph and more of the results. Pitch the wave (market) or the rider (person), not the surfboard (technology).

A before run, after run, and a review of time to execute manually would be very appreciated at most offices.