How to create a simple list from a drooping type list (Library)?

Hi all,
Is there any way to export the drooping list data of all Wall type that exists in the Revit file LIBRARY as a simple liste with the ID of each wall type??
If there is a solution this will be very very helpful. Thank you for you time


This was run with no wall elements placed in the model (so as to only extract the types available)
You will need Springnodes for the Collector.WallTypes node. Hope this is what you meant.

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@Ewan_Opie ! This node works great but i have notice that if i create a new wall type ! the collector will not detect the new type automatically (i should unlink the node… link it again… then run the script) however i solved this problem by running thee script using dynamo player instead of using Dynamo its self :wink:
Great !! Thank you !!

Good solution, I am testing the run capability of some of our historical scripts with the new player. Some teething but its a great new development. :slight_smile:

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