How to create a Bounding Box for visible elements only?

I have a Revit family where certain elements of it do not appear in “Coarse” and “Medium” Detail Levels. I need to create a Bounding Box of only the visible elements, but whenever I try I can only get it for the whole element, even though parts of it are not visible in the specific view.

On the screenshot below, the upper element is a generic annotation and the bottom element is actual 3D Geometry. I have situations where the upper element is also a Detail Item, all nested in the family.

This is what it looks like in “Course” Detail Level (no 3D geometry visible):
Essentially, what I am trying to do is arrange the symbols in a legend and I need to know the height of the visible elements only, hence the bounding box. Any suggestions are very much appreciated!


@Antonio_Vachev ,

are you looking for something like that … i cached a detailline and walls

Hi Andreas, what do you mean by “cached a detailline and walls”? I am trying to create a bounding box on visible elements only, where I have part of the family hidden with visibility parameter. As the example above - I have a family with a 3D element and 2D element, where the 3D element is hidden when the Detail Level is set to “Medium” or “Coarse”. Therefore, I only see the 2D element. When I create a bounding box however, it includes the hidden 3D element in it.

Hello, have you tried the following node (Get DependentElements) of the Genius Loci Package to see if you can visualize the elements composing it

(Then create a BB for this one)

I’m not sure what I’m saying