How to converts curve[] to curve, array of curves to single curve as profile input for sweep along path

As mentioned in my earlier post i need to convert curve means an array of single curves to single curve as profile input for the sweep node
As a newbie i am a bit confused.
Thanks for a hint in the right direction

If you need just a single curve you can use the I dex of that curve in the array.

You could use a code block with the following in it:
curves[0] #first item in array
curves[1] #second item and so on

You could also use the List.GetItemAtIndex node to do this.

Lastly you could try to flatten the list into individual items.

Thanks SeanP,
but is there a node that combines all single curves from the array to anew one that is type curve AND accepted from the sweep node?

Can you post a screenshot indicating what you are after? It seems as if you might be trying to get a CurveArray data type in the RevitAPI, but I would want to be sure before you start down that road.

Try PolyCurve.ByJoinedCurves.

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