How to compare architectural grids to Structural Grids in Revit Dynamo


I am structural Revit BIM modeler.
Everyday I have to match the structural grids to architectural grids.
If this can be done in a simple way in Dynamo, please let me know.

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use copy/monitor?

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For quick reply

but my my problem is
I have to reload the Daily Architectural model.
Due to changes in file names or deleting Grids the monitor function breaks.
That’s why I want a new way

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A possible guide:

Grab all grids. Sort by the mark.
Get the plane for each grid. Convert to a string so it’s conparable.
Create a dictionary of grid planes by the marks.
Do all of the above for both models.
Combine the mark values into a single list, and get unique items.
Get the plane by mark for both values.

Any nulls mean a grid was added (exists in arch but not struct) or deleted (exists in arch but not struct). Any changes in plane mean a grid moved.

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Thank You very much for guidence,
but I am very beginner dynamo user.
can you please upload dynamo graph !

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Ratnakar Thoke

No. I haven’t previously had a need for this so I don’t have it to give; nor do I see a need for this in the near future so I don’t have a reason to stop my current work; nor do I know anyone who has built something like this. None of this is to say that the method above isn’t doable, but that I haven’t seen it happen so I can’t give it out.

The outline above wouldn’t be that hard to try out. Give it a shot - you might surprise yourself. I’ll do my best to guide you if you get stuck, but make sure to run through the Dynamo Primer if you haven’t already. It’ll save you a lot of headaches knowing the fundamentals which are illustrated there.