How to color the bricks of an architectural vault

Good evening everyone!
I made a vault with Revit and with Dynamo i create the bricks following a rule I was asked.

I’d like put some color to create something less boring.
I find there are some commands linked to ‘colors’, but I don’t know how use them.

For example I’d like color 1 bricks of a color and another one with different, and repeat (for example black, white, black, white, etc).

How can I do it?

Thanks all in advance,
F. R.

I attach .rvt and .dyn files:

are there someone who can help me?

It depends if you are after just an override colour in view or a material? Below is the override in view option, I have added some different colour schemes.


If you would like to use actual materials, then you need to have a material parameter added to you families (which they currently don’t have, and then you can use the workflow similar to what is in the link below.


Yes, I just wanted to limit myself to assigning color and not materials.

I have a question: what should I select to correctly associate the script?
So where is written ‘elements’, which ones to choose? And as a category?

Thank You so much

Because my sample project has only your family, it was very easy to select the elements. In a case where there are many Generic Model elements you will have to filter the list using a parameter that can just identify the elements you require. The family name would probably be a good parameter to filter?

you explained well, thank you again