How to change color of a existing material?


I want to change the Revit color of existing materials with Dynamo, but the parameter is read-only.

I found this thread, but only works with new materials.

Any idea to solve it?

Thank you!

Wouldn’t it be easier to just do it in Revit? Why do you want to Automate this process with Dynamo?

I will have a look to see if it is possible.


Hi Scott!

I need to export my sheets to AutoCAD, but I have problems to match colors. RGB option not recognizes multiple materials (in elements like walls), and Indexed colors only recognizes ACI colors (255). After a lot of tries, I decided to set all the material colors as the ACI AutoCAD palette. My goal is aproximate every Revit material color in the project to the closest AutoCAD ACI color for a perfect exportation.

Finally I’ve changed the color property, Unwrapping the element in python.

Hi Scott,

Is it possible to add an additional function in your script posted here,
not to try to add new materials in case there are existing materials in a Revit file?
The script gives an error after the first run or in a Revit file with the same existing material names, and it’d be nice to eliminate the error message.
Thank you.