How to change the properties of the grid?

My English is not good. So I did the illustrations used for his work. You can see below.

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Hi @dangthanhnam01.kt199

Read error message shows exactly your issue. The name which your trying to feed is already in use try to use another name.

I are learning how to create a script that can automatically marking the grid. Scripts on is part of the job that I’m doing so I need to resolve the above error. Can you give me a proposals can solve the problem.Thank you.

You need to first purge unused grid names before you assign them.

This is how I used to purge the network name is not used. But it does not work as expected. Is there any other way to do this.?

@dangthanhnam01.kt199 You could changing the name temporarily and then rename.
The definition below will work for one Run cycle. Won’t work if you click Run more than once…
gridRename.dyn (8.8 KB)