How to change the item number automatically?


I am creating an HVAC system that I will later export to Camduct for fabrication, however I need to create individual item numbers for each piece so I can keep control of the fabrication process, installation, etc. The names are a mix between the clients, batch number and item number, so an example would be CDA-58001, so the next item would be CDA-58002, CDA-58003 and so on.

If any of you could help me on how to get this done as I have very basic Dynamo knowledge…

Thanks in advance.

Hello Marcel, thanks for your help.

I tried what you show there but I had no result, could you please be more specific about what to do? My dynamo skills are almost none so I don’t really know what I’m doing, I just know that what I need to do is done by dynamo…

The idea is creating fabrication item and having the item number set automatically, however if I can change them once is done by selecting just the items I need that would work as well…

Thanks again for your help and sorry for my very basic questions.


In that case you better start by reading the Primer which explains the concepts.

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Marcel creates a list with the numbers from 001 to 020 and a list with 20 doors (strings).
Than he puts them together with a Code Block: “a+b+c”
Now you have your unique names. But only 20…(because its an example)

You could use the node count to get the number you need.
Than use node Element.SetParameterByName to set the created unique name for every item in the list.
Like this (only walls example)

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No need to use a list cycle here. Better to just let the lacing do it’s work. Either as nodes (frozen top half), or as a single code block (functioning lower half).