Automating numbering of devices in Revit through Dynamo

I want to ask if it is possible to automate numbering of devices in Revit through Dynamo?
Example :
I do fire alarm looping connecting all fire alarm devices in one loop of cables. Then, I shall give all devices connected to the loop a unique tag of numbering (eg. L1D30) β†’ L1 indicated loop 1 and D30 indicated device number 30 in that loop.

One problem I face is sometimes I connect new devices to the loop, and since the numbering is done manually, I have to renumber all devices again.

So, to avoid all of this hustle of renumbering the devices, can it be automated through dynamo?

Yes. It is possible.

Can you please advise on the steps I can take to make this possible? or refer me to any source.

Thank you.

Post what you have so far.

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I don’t have anything now, I just had this problem with a project I am working on and I thought of this solution.

So anything will be beneficial.

Maybe this will be a starting point for you.

Thank you so much!