How to change items with unique values

how can I change items with the values I listed by unique item list?

You should use List.IndexOf

Do you want to group the different amounts together?
If so, do List.GroupByKey

Thanks. But I can’t find this node in dynamo. Maybe its custom package node? IndexOf node doesn’t help.

No, I just want to replace items in the list.

This solution is really crude but it should work.
*Note: the last node is from the “Clockwork” Package:

22-01-2020 Replace With Indice.dyn (15.7 KB)

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Perfect! Thank you very much!!!

And one more thing. If I want to use alphabet instead of numbers, which code block or node should I use?

You will need to change the most upper Code Block to: “A”…n;
And you will need to convert the output from the 2 List.Count nodes into Letters.

Like this:

It doesn’t work with code block, but it works with List.OfRepeatedItem node. Thanks anyway!