How to assume condition for writing data in Excel?

Hello All,

I want to write my data in Excel, but just for the ones that are more than a certain value. (If x will be less than y, I even do not want to write the item 0 to item 2 in Excel.)
I do not know how to do it?!

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

Hi Raha,

There are 2 things which i noticed-

i) Check your “Sheet Name” and feed in properly (Sheet 1 By default).

ii) Use < (less than) node to filter certain values.

Good Luck!


I agree with What kulkul says,

also i’m not super familiar with formulas, I like functions better. Maybe this can help :

You’re passing the formula like a function:

Thank you so much KulKul, Mostafa and Organon for your reply. Mostafa, this function helps me a lot. But I think it will work better if I get my list of output first, then filter them. Because the outputs I am getting now are discrete numbers and not in a single list.