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I created a lot of lists, but i don’t need all combinations.

If I dont delete, my excel file will be very big.

I can run VBA in excel to delete, but, i think that I can remove before then export to excel.

There are some conditions in list, that I can filter…

The image bellow is showing.

In real, what I need is filter my list according some conditions.

So you’re saying if Item 3 in List 0 is empty then List 0 can be removed from your list of lists. You’re wanting to remove the entire list, not just the item at that index correct?

Correct Nick

Not sure if there’s a more simple solution, but this should work.

I tried only one condition: “N”.

If the list has “N” (should be only Y or N), should remove from the last list.

Not worked.

I made a mistake… now, is almoust working.

But, in your example, the final list, has just ONE LIST.

In my situation, could be more…

In this case (image), should be TWO LISTS… but the filter show me only ONE (1º)

Looks like your data is nested too deep. It’s hard to tell what your data looks like coming into the List.Join node.

You should be able to move stuff around a little bit to get it to work. Try testing your lists after they’ve been combined.

Is there any way to make this?

Back one level in my list…

A Flatten node will condense everything into a single list.

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Or list level @L2


Very good, now it’s working… I’m back to all my first list and now using LIST.CREAT, not LIST.JOIN.

Just one more question… you puted only one condition by list…

How can I put more?

EXAMPLE: item3 == “” and “N” ;

You’re essentially testing each element one at a time then transposing the list to see if an element fails for any individual test. Meaning… you can just add item3 == “N” as an additional line in your codeblock to test against. You don’t have to combine it with the other item3 test.

EDIT: This is assuming all your tests are independent of one another, ie. OR statements and not AND statements. If any one condition is false the list is removed regardless of the outcome of the other tests.

Ok, i will try…

If i want a condition negative… for example… item3 NOT EQUAL “N” (in VBA Excel we use <>) ?

Is equal to ==
Does not equal !=

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Good job my friend… working!!

Thanks a lot!