How to appear Code Block (()) in Dynamo

Hi All,
I’m new in Dymamo, I can see Code Block () but not Code Block (()) in Dynamo I’m using. Any ideas to sort the problem out for me that would be great.
FYI, I’m using Dynamo Revit 2018

The easiest way of using codeblocks is simply to double-click on the canvas of dynamo :slight_smile:

I have no idea what the difference of the two should be… Been using Dynamo for quite a while and never had the need for anything but a standard codeblock :slight_smile:

Still using 1.3 here … must be a 2.0 thingy?
fyi dynamo 1.3

And double click on canvas as @Jonathan.Olesen mentioned.

Think it might be a migration thing… At least I do not have that in my Dyn (Revit 2018.3) :slight_smile:

This is the only “codeblock” that I have…

Thank you for the quick responses. Can I make clear my query? I can find the Code Block like 3Pinter’s screenshot, but it only have 1 row.
How can I do to add more rows like the image below


You simply press “enter” like you would in a word document, when you end with semi-colon you automatically end a row.



Thank you so much!
It’s work now.