Code block formulas visualization

Hello !
I updated my Revit to 2023 and I have opened a Dynamo script created on revit 2022.
I noticed that the I can not see the formulas there anymore, nor able to modify them.
I have tried to create a new code block with formula inside and it can be visualized.
Can anybody help me to fix it ?


@zhelun.zhu ,

hmmm which version do you use?

I am using Revit 2023.
The new code clocks can work, the problem is with the code blockes of a previous filecreated with the old version od Revit (2022)

@zhelun.zhu ,

i did not tested this, because Revit 2023 is not roled out in our office, so i hope it will be fixed by the dynamoteam or some kind of hotfix.

Thank you very much anyway !