How to add shared parameter to selected families of category

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I would like to know if it is possible to add shared parameter not to every element of choosen category?
I have got a lot of Doors in my project and I want to add parameter just to 80-90% of them. It could be done e.g. this way:

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I don’t think that is possible, the way Revit works makes that you assign a Project Parameter to one or several categories, but not to elements.

Could you clarify why you are trying to do it? Maybe we can help you to find another solution.


I’ve got few doors families which represent gates to the garage or elevator’s door. I made a script to tag left/right doors and I want to put a tag to shared parameter but I don’t need it in every doors family in the project.

In this case it’s not necessary, because I can clear this parameter manually. But if it might be possible, why not to try :wink:

How about creating that shared parameter and then:

  1. filter the category’s elements according to whether they have the left/right parameter - the ones that don’t have that parameter “filled” (something like a tick box in the second image) would be excluded out of the selection (20 or 10% in your case);
  2. apply your tag graph to the selected 80% - 90% doors

You can maintain the shared parameter even if it’s not used/checked in all of the family types. Does this make sense?

It is doable to add individual shared parameters to some doors and not to others, but it is done in the individual families. You cant do it inside a project since that will give all doors the same parameters.

I use this trick by myself in the “Content” I maintain for educational purposes in Denmark.

The way to do it is to filter those doors you need to add the shared parameters, open them as families in the background and then work on those files using the FamilyDocument nodes in my package.

try something like the below link