How to add parameter values from a filtered category?

Hello everyone!
I’m just trying to add the floor areas from a filtered list and can’t get forward. My workflow so far is:
I choosed the category “floors” and filtered out all elements from “phase 0” (see the picture).
In the next step I’d like to add the areas of all the floors from “phase 1” and write the sum to excel (writing the data to excel is not the issue). I hope it’s understandable…

I’d be thankful for every idea!

Hello Bartlomiej,
I´m not sure what you are trying to do but I think you should be aware (maybe you are, excuse me) that you are not filtering the elements but the parameters. If you want to filter the elements you have to conect the All Ellements of Category node to the list input port in FilterByBoolMask node. And more or less the same the second time you use the node. I don´t know if this will help you…

Hello Joan,
You’re right. I think, I was sitting too long in front of my notebook… :dizzy_face:Thanks!
I’ve just tried to filter the elements. The best result so far:

Now, I just have to get the areas of the (four) selected floors from the list. Any ideas?

just like Joan said.

I got it! Thank you guys! You helped me very much.
The result: