How to add Hangers and Supports Automatically to all to (Pipes , Ducts and Conduits)


make sure you are using the correct version of dynamo for the script. what version are you running?




you need to upgrade it. i made the script in 1.3 or 2.0


hangers are not placing permanently when i select individual pipes. Means i re write the selection node as below.


thats made into dynamo that way. if you re run the script it will delete what was made before and then replace it. you need to use dynamo player if you dont want it to be erased.


dynamo player available only in revit 2019. right?


its available in 2017 and up, but you have to use 1.3 version of dynamo inn 2017. the ideal setup is 2018 revit and 2.0 dynamo


when i tried to place for individual pipes, dia and rotation of hangers are not coming properly


youll have to mess with the angle formula thats in there. Dynamo isnt always plug and play. there is some tinkering involved


This script is not working. please help this correct the script.
I am trying to make automatic hanging placing on pipes and duct.


Just saying the script is not working is not enough for anyone to help you. You have to say what isn’t working or where the errors are. We are not your IT department. Explain the errors you get and what you have tried.

Also, take a basic look at the graph before asking for help. You didn’t even select the family type in the top left.


the angle needs to vary based on pipe rotation at element where hanger occurs.

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Have you solved this problem @trezatreza ? Pls tell me how to solve this


try this one
automatic placed hangers.dyn (23.3 KB)


I ran the script, it does take a while, although I only have a small run of pipework for the test. When finished, there seems to be something placed inside the pipe and no hangars. (I have clockwork package installed)


post your graph an see results


I tried this script for pipes, round ducts and square ducts & it works good. Now, I am working on placing of unistrut hangers for rectangular ducts. But, since rectangular duct have differenct values of “width” and “height”, hanger placement is not working properly. For ex., If I select width of duct, length of unistrut is correct, but it’s not coming at right elevation. Can you suggest possible solution for this issue?


It would have to do with the formula for the height. At some point there is an equation in there for solving for the bottom of duct/pipe. I believe it is dividing the height by 2 or something. I will have to look into it later if you have figure it out. Mess with the formula though


Okay. I am also trying.