How to accelerate Dynamo calculating speed

As the title says,how to speed up the calculating speed?Especially translate element to solid.

Would be best to avoid this in the first place, wherever possible. It is a resource heavy activity.
Try to think of ways to extract the abstract information you require, rather than the geometry.
For example try using the Element Bounding Box instead of the Element Geometry.
In many cases this might not be possible. In those cases try to be realistic and extract a reasonable amount of element geometries. Process them in batches, maybe.

Thanks for your advice,but I still have a question.Is there any way to turn Dynamo into Multi-threaded Computing,when I get some program running,the usage rate of CPU is very low.

If you have common elements like walls without doors and other inserts, it’s much faster to recreate solids by getting it’s locations and extruding, adding width.
If you have column, get it’s length and width, rotation, height. Create solid in Dynamo.
So, you use slow Element.Solid only when geometry is complex.

P.S. What do you want to do with that solids? There’s many packages, that allow you to avoid applying Element.Solid at all.

Thanks.I want to combine all the structure basis to get the cushion model and it’s complicated.

When you use Dynamo in revit, dynamo is limited by how revit handles/interacts with addons for if they can/cannot multithread. Therefore currently it cannot multithread when using dynamo in revit.

Other one is to use the latest version of dynamo you can for the revit version you are using because Dynamo core is getting updated often to include performance gains especially in how it uses/creates geometry.

If it is a must that you use geometry, could what you want to do be done in a code block or in python code, because if you can use them instead this will save the computation resource.

This is because these may not render the geometry though let you use the geometry then dispose of the geometry once you do not need it again.

There are many topics and post about memory and cpu usage and how to optimise, so may be worth you do a search and read all this information.


Your answer is very helpful to me.Thanks.