How to 3D align line based revit family with 2 points on the CAD 3D polyline

Dear Friends,
I am bit new to the Revit and Dynamo as well. :slightly_smiling_face:
I would like to know how to align precast element such as wall (1m length each) on the 3D polyline imported from CAD in Revit. I made Line based family with 2 control points/nodes (start and end point). Manually I can place the family along the 3D Polyline by using reference plane and placing them manually at start & end points.
How we can do that with Dynamo for number of precast wall elements at one time along the 3D polyline with elevations?

I tried making one script with references on the forum , but need experts help now.

firt you need to get the new location of thr point at the polyline
then move family to the new location

to get the new location of the polyline you need to use node in BriMohareb_2023 pakedge

What kind of family are you using right now? Most families can not be placed with a slanted base, you would have to create a adaptive component for that. (At least I think so)