Get only the intersection range of geometry

Hi Everyone!

Assuming I have such a list and geometry, is there any way to get only the intersection of the geometries from here?

Intersecting elements.dyn (29.8 KB)

Are you trying to do this?

Intersection.dyn (33.1 KB)

See if this is what you’re trying to do

If I want to do a Solid.DifferenceAll, but they are in the same list, as shown in the red line I can’t do it,

Do you want every single intersecting geometry to be a separate entity?

@jj06jj Someting like this?


@Vikram_Subbaiah @mkom
Thanks for the reply!

What I want to do is get the intersection from the geometry in the same list, without touching the nodes before List Create.

The data in the topic was not good, so I changed it!

Intersecting elements2.dyn (37.6 KB)