How do you group the beams same Type and Length? Thank you!

Hello all, I have 6 the beams but I want to have 4 mark. Now, I create dynamo and meet the big trouble that I just see 2 groups in a Node. Why the note Null? Please, I need your help! Thank you!

The nulls are because the list in item0 is only 2 items but the list in item1 is 4, so there are nulls when you try to transpose due to the difference in size.

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How do you fix it, Kennyb6?

What is the purpose of the Transpose? The top list are the different family types, the bottom list are the different lengths. How are you trying to combine them? I guess what I mean is, what are you looking for as the outcome?

I want to auto mark the beam with same length and type. Can I send my project to you and dynamo?
V2.dyn (11.6 KB)

OHHHH… I can do it! I just do it! Thank you bro!!! <3