does anyone know what this node: Element.ToString?

Thank you in advance

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@john_pierson i think he meant to ask what the node does and what it can be used for. I am not sure what this is good for to be honest. most elements have a name attribute so this is really a strange thing to put in dynamo.

@Michael_Kirschner any idea why we have this node?

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Thank you, shows that this node is not correct.

Correct for what? It’s correct in a sense that it does what it’s meant to do. I am not sure that it has any use, but that’s a different story.


I do not understand what it does. You may have a simple example? what they mean by Format? and Format provider?

Thank you in advance

I think this is for type conversion (i.e., int, doubles, char, etc.). I am looking for something like this. The String from Object node does not work for me, because some of the elements are not normal numbers (I have a double which gets “rounded” with the string, integers which get trailing zeros, and other combinations of letters and numbers, which work out ok, but with anything I have which filters out the trailing zeros, it also removes part of the doubles.

Can you start a new thread with a dyn that produces the issue and shows what you would want to see?