How do I use Dynamo to locate and DELETE imported dwg's?

@daniel.tran this is a bug in Dynamo V2.0 unfortunately. If any nodes have [] in the name of their output ports, it prevents the nodes watch window from displaying anything. The only option is to remove these characters. I’ve reported this on the Dynamo GitHub a while back but it doesn’t look likely much will change - I’ll instead publish an update to BimorphNodes over the next few days and just remove the characters, but its a bit of nuisance really since they indicate to the user the expected list structure. cc @Michael_Kirschner2.

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interesting. should i try running it in dynamo v1.3.2 in the meantime?

You should be OK if you can overlook the problem. Watch windows from the output ports will provide you with the same information, so its really up to you.

I think I got it working by using the report output
I also made a dynamo graph to export the list of DWG links+imports to Excel without Opening the host RVT file. (see below)
Do you know of a node like CAD.ReportInstances that can similarly report instances of Linked Revit Models within a RVT file via a file path input?

ExportDWGLinksImportsListtoExcelWithoutOpeningRvt.dyn (20.5 KB)

@daniel.tran this issue is now fixed in BimorphNodes v2.3.1 available on the Package Manager.


So I am TOTALLY new to Dynamo. I recreated the above view in a .dyn file. However, I cannot get the LIST view. I added WATCH so I could step through the output one by one.

I set the run to MANUAL.

When I hit run, there is nothing to watch and nothing happens.

The VG windows of my open Revit session DOES show imported dwgs.


Hi @laura.chummers potential reasons might be if you are performing an action in Revit (have any of its tools active), or you have one of its dialog’s open (Manage Links for example) as Dynamo will wait until this action is complete or the dialog is closed before becoming active. Ensure Revit is idle, like how it is when you first open your project file, and see if that helps.

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Hi Laura,

If you zoom in so you can see the text on One of your dynamo file nodes, then go file > Export Workspace as Image you’ll be able to grab a readable image of your graph, if you upload it in a post, we can see if anything has been plugged in incorrectly.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Thomas, I am a beginner for dynamo, am trying to create this script, but I can not find the bimorph.ReportCADlinks and Element.Delete. help me to find (FYI I instaled bimorphNotes and Archi-Lab)

CAD.ReportInstances is the new name.


I personally use this plugin to purge all DWGs:

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Hi thomas, thanks for your solutions in this thread, but in latest version of bimorphNodes, I can find the bimorph.reportcadlinks or cad.reportinstances node. There is only one node called Importinstance.Reportinstance, but there is no option for cad links. I am also new to dynamo and trying to get report of all cad files in the model.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Mahavishnu welcome to the Dynamo community.

Importinstance.ReportInstance is the new and improved version of CAD.ReportInstance which changed in BimorphNodes V4. Full details about the changes in V4 including the aforementioned one are detailed here.

To get the linked CAD files you just need to add some extra query nodes:
The List.FilterByBoolMask node is essentially the replacement to the outputs of the old node. In the example below, the in output are linked CAD instances and the out output are imported CAD instances:

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Thanks @Thomas_Mahon, the nodes are working precisely, but is there any node in bimorph to get the report of CAD links inside nested families (Cad instances inside a family), in a revit project. Because the node is not listing the linked cad instances placed inside a family.

You node won’t report CAD files in Family instances however you can provide paths to your family documents into the filePath input.

Hello @Thomas_Mahon Thank you for the information. I build the workspace and I am I keep getting this warning. Do you have any idea why
**Warning: ImportInstance.ReportInstances operation failed. **
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

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Hello - I’ve been reading through this forum (among watching several videos online) and I can’t seem to get this script to work. I’m not sure I have the same “named” parts (I have BitMorph and ArchLab installed).

I simply want to delete imported CAD links like everyone else, but I just can’t figure it out. Can you please help?

I noticed the Crumple package (Thanks Gavin!) has a Collect.CADImports that works wonders. I used it with Revit 2022.1 and Dynamo 2.12.1

So for people that are looking for this like me, use that. Also no Purge needed afterwards.

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Hello! Same problem here, has anyone a clue why this gives us such error?