How do I se the code in a block


I would like to se the python cod in FileLoader.GetImported objects
Before you could se the code when you clicked on the squeer on the bottom of the node. Why cant we do that anymore?
Were shoud I do to axcess code from nodes?
I want to feed in all three file as you see into the geomerty function. Would be more understanding if you can see whats going on in the different blocks


If you can’t edit the custom node then it’s a zero touch node.
The C# code is compiled into a dll.

If I am not mistaken, the file loader is actually a node specifically for Dynamo Studio, and is closed source as part of the paid functionalities there. It also requires a different object type than you are feeding it. Hover over the node to see what it is asking for. :slight_smile:

To my disapointment it will not load the .dll file.
Any suggestions


I’m not sure of your goal.
If you want to import DWG in Revit you can use the nodes Import DWG or Link DWG of Genius Loci package.
They are both in python.

You can then use the node CAD.CurvesFromCADLayers of BimorphNodes package to get the geometry (curves) of the DWG files.