Range of curves not responding as expected

Hi all,

I really hope someone can assist me with this situation which is really confusing me. I am using Design Script to create a Sinusoidal curve in Dynamo. This is fine and it works great. I want to create multiple curves along the Y axis in Dynamo, using the Range method. But every time i define a ‘Y’ variable and plug in the range node, it does the following:

But when I plug in a standard slider into the ‘Y’ variable, the curve responds as expected, but obviously does not create multiple curves, it simply translates it along the Y axis… Any idea how to solve this?

I guess it’s a lacing problem, with a normal node you just need Longest Lacing but since you are working with DesignScript, instead of y you should write y<1L>:

You can find a great guide about DS here:


Hi Lucamanzoni,

thank you very much for your response, this worked perfectly!!

I am still quite new to Dynamo and I will go read the information that you sent through to me (Thanks by the way), for now, could you explain what that step does? I’m guessing that is just the DS syntax for defining the lacing?

Yes exactly, but actually DesignScript uses Replications to achieve the same results of Lacing.
You will find all the necessary information in the guide, in particular at the pages 37-41 :wink:

Thank you very much again! I really appreciate your time :slight_smile:

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