How do I find a attribute in python?

I taking a list into python and want to make a new list depending on my attribute.
In one case it a point with x-y-z.
Point(X=0,Y=0,Z=1) seen in the watch node

But Point.X dose not work if my list is called Point. They say X is not an attribute what is it?

Then other case I looking see in the list below to sort out the solids but the soild is not an attributet either so what is it?

Hello. I am confused as to what your picture has to do with your question. The things in that watch node are not Dynamo geometries which would have the attributes you are looking for, for example a point’s X.

Can you post a full picture of where the problem is, the python script, and all of the outputs displayed?

So this point.X thing dose not work cause it says X is not an attribute then point it pulled in python

This is because you are inputing a list of points (notice the watch says List, with an index of 0 for the point). A list does not have the attribute .X, you have to iterate through the list using a for loop.

this iterateing dose not work I only get the last value what am I doing wrong?
Thanks for helping

You are close. The cogsx = [] is inside the for loop which means at every iteration, you are resetting cogsx back to an empty list, so only the last one gets saved. Take the cogsx = [] line and put it before the for loop, then it should work.