How can I select elements in a group using dynamo player

dear all,

In Dynamo, in my script I can select an element in the revit screen using the “select model element” node. If I run the script from Dynamo I can use the TAB key in revit and browse through the elements, selecting an element that is embedded in a group.

If I run the script in dynamo player I can use the “edit inputs” option to select an element, but it will not allow me to use the TAB key and pick an element that is embedded in a group.

does anyone know how I can do that?



hi @janathbdesign, you just need to click on the slider icon on the left of the pencil icon. Then, if your script has a “select model element” node, you’ll see a blu button like the images below.
hope it helps :sunglasses::crossed_fingers:


thank Ernesto!

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I have a select element model but it doesnt let me select anything plz help me :frowning: image