How can I replace list by other list in Revit by Dynamo?

Please help me!!!
I want to replace list 2 to 1 and update to Revit by Dynamo, but I can’t find nodes to help me do this.
Please teach me how I can do this.

Are you trying to use list #2 as an input for the parameter Approved By?

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List 1 : i get from revit model
List 2 : I get from excel for update revit model

So how can I make list 2 as an input? pls teach me :frowning:

Hello @tramlq ,
how you are going to map the both the list?

Can you please share any example, for mapping both the list.

You need to use the Element.SetParameterByName
But like @honeyjain619 mentionned you need to match both list? Are you using the Sheet Number for example?

@honeyjain619 @Daniel_Hurtubise I just want to update list “Approved By” on sheets by list from excel. So I want to replace list #2 by list #1 . Can I do that? :disappointed_relieved:


Hello @tramlq , Yes you update list 1 with approved list 2 but you need to tell Dynamo which thing need to be replaced,
For example, existing data in List 1 is A, B & C and new approved data is A1, B1 & C1 but you need to tell dynamo that replace A with A1, B with B1 and C with C1 then it will do it,

or if you have both the list in 2 column and you wanted to replace column 1 data with column 2 data ?

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oh yes this first case, I want to tell dynamo replace A with A1. How can I do that? :smiley: :smiley:

select element manually or through category (as per your requirement)
then you want to replace the value from “Comment” parameter, first read the value available in the comment parameter
As shown in the image (list 1 from revit) is the list you want to replace,
and mapping is (A,B,C,D) replace with (A-1, B-2, C-3, D-5) and using set parameter you can do it

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oh it’s work. Thank you so much!!!