How Can I Manage the Material of Geometry Imported from Dynamo?



I have been meddling with the Room Solids graph (thanks Punto); however I want to turn the imported geometry into a family type where I can control the materials.






Typically, the imported geomtery becomes “Imported CAD” Type, where each Object becomes a seperate Object Styles Category with a very long name and a Subecategory of “0”

I attempted to use the Custom node from Clockwork to change the Family type, however it did not succeed.








If I cannot force these imported objects into a native Revit Type, how can I use Dynamo to manage the Object Style Materials?

I have no way to sort the Object Style Materials in Revit except one by one. Since I have hundreds of rooms to process this can be quite un-managable. I also tried to Rename the object’s category from Dynamo and that also did not work.

I know you can use Element Color Over Ride, however this does not show colors in any Camera view


Any suggestions?









  1. Is there a way to turn this into another type? I tried the tool in Clockwork however it did not seem to work.

  2. Can Dynamo expose object styles?


see my answer in this thread: