How can I make the text line up after the digits of the thickness?

I have had this question before and then got help so the text looked better but not quite in line as intended. It used to work so much that it looked good. Now, however, I have updated the script to get decimal places and then the shift is way too much.
It is a tag that makes a wallexplainlist automatically from the wall’s material layer.
Does anyone have an idea or know how to go about it?

You’ll need to include all the node preview bubbles in your screenshot if you want anyone to be able to comment on the specifics of your graph. My only guess at the moment is that your view is using a different scale and the offset value is now too large relative to the annotation.

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Ofcourse @Nick_Boyts, you mean something like this?

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I think it should be possible to make the thickness so that the thickness is an area of 9 characters or spaces and after that comes description. So then it shouldn’t matter if I write 123456789 or 1 (then there will be 8 spaces left after). Or am I thinking wrong? just wondering how I’m going to get it right

That’s only accurate if you’re using a monospace font type, otherwise it could be a little off, but that’s still a good option. You would just pad your value with spaces to a maximum of 9 characters with String.PadRight.

Okay, so it’s only changing the font that can solve my wish then if I understand it correctly? :frowning:
I have tried changing String.PadLeft to String.PadRight. I have also tried to add String.PadRight after the DESCRIPTON part without any difference.
It just made the text from name start over with the number I chose on characters

You don’t have to change the font. It’s just that aligning by number of characters only works accurately if each character takes up the same amount of space. You can probably still get pretty close without a monospace font, but you’ll have to try and see if it works for you. The other option would be to calculate the number of spaces needed to pad an existing string to the standard length.

If you want some help with the padding you’re going to have to show us what you’re doing.

Oh I hadn’t posted the picture of what I want to do :flushed: sorry.
I tried the monospace font and then the text was aligned. But as you can see in the picture, that’s the font that should be used and the text will not be aligned :confused:

Have you considered or tried using Tabs for alignment instead of spaces?

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Yes! You are the best :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I have tried to put in TAB before without any luck.
But now it’s been a while so the script has changed since then and now when I removed PadLeft and replaced the space with TAB it worked the way I want it. THANKS! :partying_face:

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