How can I get my want pipe?

I’ve modified this python script in order to create ducts from a list point . it work but some is not my love.
Could somebody tell me how to change python?


Hi @LiChunHong

Bit confusion here your looking create ducts or pipes? According to your title your looking to create pipes.

I want to create mark" √ ’ not have "×"
IN[0] Input 3 point
IN[4] Input 3 point
I wan to create 3 pipes ,but it’s work 9 pipes:sob:

@LiChunHong Could you please drop your dyn file here?

111444.dyn (34.3 KB)

@Kulkul I want create a list of spray pipe to connect spray nozzle
:blush: thanks

@LiChunHong I don’t have spray type. Could you please drop rvt file also. Thanks :slight_smile:



@LiChunHong Drop the file in Dropbox or google drive and share link here.


@Kulkul Why?
What’s you change :disappointed_relieved:?