How can I get 2 different parameter values with the same name but in different Parameter groups?

The Parameter I want to extract is “Espacement”
The groups are:

Maybe you should simply consider giving them unique names, can’t be much of an issue to just add H and V to these paramter names.

Their aren’t parameters defined by the user :confused:

Well, yes, that is a problem.
As you aren’t writing any paremeters but only reading them, maybe you can create two paramters with unique names that simply get the value of these parameters, but to be honest, I’ve drawn a blank.


You need to use Builtin parameters name because dynamo give only the value for horizontal grid.
With Builtin parameters you will retrieve horizontal and vertical values for the grids spacing.

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Hey !
I didn’t understand how I can use builtinparameter? How can I get the values of the Horizontal spacings and Vertical Spacings sorted by element Ids?

C’est très simple avec le package Archilab !

You need also to convert dynamo units (feets) in meters.


I don’t know why it doesn’t work :confused:

I’ll check with the new version of Archi Lab !

Because it’s “Length” and no “lenght”.

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Works perfectly thanks !!!

Hello @Alban_de_Chasteigner and all
How can I get 2 different parameter values with the same name?
I get into the same issue even this topic was 2 years ago.and I cannot solve this with any other topic’s advice yet

I have imported data from excel to make ID parameter
builtin node is not working…can you give me advice?
Thank you!